Black Women, Entrepreneurship, U.S. Currency & Artists Opportunity

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Jena Roscoe 

Senior Vice President Government Relations, Public Policy

Operation HOPE, Inc.

American Factoid: U.S. Treasury’s U.S. Mint Celebrates Ventris C. Gibson as the first African American Director and the 40th Director, 

Black Women have a long and impressive history being depicted on U.S. Currency and U.S. Coins.  In 1865, the year President Lincoln and U.S. Congress celebrated the creation of the Freedman’s Bank on March 3rd, Pocahontas was captured on a $20 U.S. National Bank Note,

The picture of Pocahontas that was on the U.S. National Bank Note can be seen in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda,

Operation HOPE makes it part of its historic financial inclusion mission to educate the masses around the historic Freedman’s Bank Legacy and also create and promote “access to capital” opportunities for all Americans.

Our 1 Million Black Businesses (1MBB), will spend a decade in creating an environment to build 1 Million Black Businesses, which includes Black Women Businesses.  Since 2020, we have assisted in the creation of over 155,000 unique businesses,

We’re happy to celebrate as our new 1MBB SVP Joann Massey,  She has a special passion as an African American Woman to encourage Black Women Entrepreneurs to reach their small business goals.  

We work with our federal national partners at U.S. Commerce, U.S. SBA, FDIC, and U.S. Treasury to also take advantage of unique entrepreneurial opportunities within the federal government.  We like to encourage entrepreneurs to share their skills with our nation through different opportunities.  

There is now an historic opportunity for Americans, and especially Black Women Entrepreneurs to learn about ways to utilize their graphic artist skills and align their talent as artists with the U.S. Treasury U.S. Mint Artist Infusion Program.

In 2023, we want to utilize the opportunity to connect Black Women Entrepreneurs with these valuable opportunities at the U.S. Treasury.  Think boldly about how you can make a contribution to our nation by depicting American symbolism on our U.S. Currency.

Selma Burke is renowned as the African American Woman commissioned to create the portrait of President F.D. Roosevelt that would land on the U.S. Coin, the Dime,

And the U.S. Mint has released this year its sixth American Women’s Quarters Coin Program with African American Bessie Coleman, ….

It’s time for Black Women Entrepreneur Artist to step boldly behind the scenes and design U.S. Currency as we continue to be illustrated on them.  Let’s Go…